Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father Download Free

It’s free to download and play Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father, a horror Fnaf based game! Try to survive until your challenge ends!

Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father
Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father


Somebody burned down the old and abandoned Fredbears Family Diner before the restaurant could open. That was a shocking incident to Fazbear Entertainment.

People tried to salvage some old animatronics from the ashes. However, they are not damaged.

As a technician, your mission is to fix those machines. So, they can entertain kids again.

But, the company has no workshop. Therefore, you must take those robots to your home. From the moment you bring them to your house, there are always weird sounds.

In fact, they are alive although they are burnt and beaten. Not only that, they know what you did.

In the sequel to Final Nights, you have to fix these abominations during the day. Furthermore, you should defend yourself from their torment at night for survival.

With the make-shift security system that you’ve set up and other precautions, you can face that terror. Shall you eliminate that nightmare forever and stay alive?

Download Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father and you will have the chance to experience more!

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Instructions for installing Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father on Windows

First you download by following the link at the end of the article

When the download is complete, go to the download folder:

    • If the file is .EXE you just need to Click Open and play
    • If the file is .rar or .zip you need to extract, then run and play

These versions are free to play.

Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father Download Links

Version: 0.2.0

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