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Project Box is an FNAF fan game that you can download for free. Play with animatronic characters and always pay attention to their behaviors for survival!

Project Box
Project Box


It is a canceled fan-made game based on the FNAF books instead of the original games. It branched off after The Twisted Ones and conflicted with The Fourth Closet.

In which, you played like Charlie, the protagonist of the book series.

The author draw creation in pixel art, with only soft light for atmosphere enhancement and occasional motion blur.


Only a day or two after The Twisted Ones ends, Charlie wakes up in the underground pizzeria.

But, she is in a strange room. It’s not simple to leave that space.

Surround her is the presence of Springtrap. Now, she has no choice but to survive nights.

Give her a hand to complete the mission and solve all of the mysteries of her late father.

During the period, it’s possible to move to and interact with six posts. They are the monitor, a power breaker, a clock, a large box, and two doors on opposite sides of the room.

Join Project Box and balance the use of those posts for survival!

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