ObsidiPlates [Forge] Mod 1.7.10/1.6.2/1.5.2

ObsidiPlates [Forge] Mod 1.7.10/1.6.2/1.5.2 provides Pressure Plates activated by the player or NPC. The plates will generate energy for the object or block they connect by wire.


About ObsidiPlates mod

You can place all the panels that are a type of switch on the surface of a block. When you connect them by wire, to an object, it gives power to the object. Or that block when stepped on by the player and will stop when stepping out.

In contrast to wood and stone presses, Obsidian pressure plates will not respond to items or NPCs. And even Moss Cobblestone Plates won’t respond to items or players.

Now it is more convenient because these switches can be connected to the machine or anything else. They can also be used as a camouflage for enemies. In addition, they will activate when pressure is present and de-activate when pressure is removed from them.

Here are some features of this mod:

  • The silent version of these plates makes no sound.
  • Shrouded versions of these panels are see-through.
  • Silencers and visors can only be made silent first and then added visors last.
  • It implements a concept that Jadedcat can’t grasp from Better Than Wolves
  • Moss pressure discs: make them with moss cobblestones
  • Silent version: create them by crafting Obsidian Pressure Plates or Moss on a block of wool
  • Shrouded versions: make them from noisy or silent, haunting or mossy Pressure Plates

ObsidiPlates is really an interesting mod that grants several new pressure discs, depending on the composition. Download the mod and enjoy the special features it brings.


Minecraft Forge


ObsidiPlates Mod Download Links

Minecraft Mod:1.7.10
Minecraft Mod:1.6.2
Minecraft Mod:1.5.2
Developer: Myrathi

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