Plain Chunk Loader [Forge] Mod 1.14.4

In fact, the Plain Chunk Loader [Forge] Mod 1.14.4 adds a simple chunk loader block to the game. You can download the mod now to explore it in more detail.

Plain Chunk Loader
Plain Chunk Loader

About Plain Chunk Loader mod

As you know, Minecraft’s Chunks only loads when the player is nearby. And when finished loading chunks, everything works on Chunks. This minimizes the memory that Minecraft uses. However, it also limits many things.

It forces the player to stay within range of things on the Chunks. You won’t be able to go as far as you would like when you return home. Or even your crops are growing because those are in the Idle Beam.

And this mod will help you solve that problem. Obviously, the block that this mod provides will make loading 3×3 blocks easier. It will help you download the Chunk you need when you’re not around.

In addition, the mod also allows you to resize to keep the sections loaded. You can edit the file in your world data directory, serverconfig/chunkloader-server.toml. It should be remembered that Chunk Loader has a very simple formula. You only need 1 Clock and 4 Emeralds!

Download Plain Chunk Loader and experience it today.


Minecraft Forge


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Minecraft Mod:1.14.4
Developer: snowstep115

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