Privacy Policy

In order to make this website safe and well-known, ‘gamejolt-fnaf, has released the Privacy Policy on our website Our privacy policy has the details of the types of information that are grabbed-recorded by and the way we use it.

Log files

Just like other good websites, this one always uses the log files to see the activities of the users. The log files are the elementary action for hosting authorities and play a role as a section to host the analytics of provider services’. The report has the name, version, IP addresses (Internet protocol), name of the Service Provider of the Internet (ISP), name of the website that lead you to our website, the exit pages, the browsing topic, browsing time, number of clicks on our website or even other websites like social media or any other. The records are used to research trends, the route of the visitors, the administer of the site, and collect the demographic information as well.

Web Beacons and Cookies will use the cookies from the users to have a look at their drawing, favoritism, the pages that the visitors visit many times, or the personalization based on the type or the Internet browser or more other information that the visitors have while they are surfing our website.

Vendor Information

We cooperate with no third party on this website except Google Adsense, our advertising partner that we are trying to approve.

Our Advertising Partners

As we mentioned in the above part, Google Adsense is our advertising partner. Besides, it also a member is the Amazon Associate that is qualifying purchases.

Children’s Safety First

For the future of the world, we hope that parents monitor what kinds of websites the children are reading and browsing every day.


All people who browse our website mean that they agree with GDPR because we agree with it.


By using the, you agree with the Privacy Policy and all the terms.

The Admin

13 August 2020